Becky Skillman
Office: 812-277-9778

Becky Skillman joined Radius Indiana as President/CEO on February 1, 2013.  Prior to joining Radius, Becky served as Lt. Governor of the State of Indiana for 8 years.  Becky has devoted her life to public service and to the enrichment of the lives of the citizens of Indiana.  

Becky began her career in public service in 1977 when she was elected to the office of Lawrence County Recorder.  Eight years later, she was elected as County Clerk.

In 1992, Becky was elected to the Indiana State Senate, where she represented Lawrence, Monroe, Jackson, Washington, and Orange Counties.  Rising quickly through the leadership, she became Majority Caucus Chair, the first woman in history to serve in the Senate Republican leadership.  During her 12 years in the Senate, she led the charge to include the state's small towns and rural communities in its economic development agenda.  There, she authored plans for development in distressed counties and for the revitalization of downtown areas.

In 2004, she was selected by Mitch Daniels to be his running mate in his bid for Governor

Serving as Lt. Governor over the next 8 years, Becky had more legal duties than any other Lt. Governor in the country.  Since first taking office in 2005, she soundly managed five state agencies that administered more than $1 billion in programs, including the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the Office of Energy Development, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and the Office of Tourism Development.  Additionally, she chaired the state's Counter Terrorism and Security Council, and served as President of the Indiana Senate.

She is also co-chairing the Indiana Bicentennial Commission with former Congressman Lee Hamilton.

Jeremy Sowders
Director, Business Development
Mobile: (812) 320-7358

Jeremy Sowders was named Director of Business Development for Radius in August 2012. He is responsible for business attraction in the Radius region. Prior to joining Radius, Jeremy worked in economic development at the local, state, national, and international level. Most recently, he worked for the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) based in Washington, DC where he worked on a variety of research and technical assistance on a wide range of economic development related projects. Jeremy has also worked for the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and the Indiana Economic Development Council (IEDC). A native of Mitchell, IN, Jeremy attended Mitchell High School and graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Public Affairs.

Joe Timbrook
Manager, Radius Indiana
Mobile: (812) 583-1095

Joe Timbrook became Manager of Radius Indiana in March 2011. He is responsible for development projects and office management. Previously, he worked with the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council and was Senior Vice President of Marketing for Hoosier Hills Credit Union. He is a member of the Indiana Economic Development Association and works on multiple community projects in Bedford, Indiana, and the Lawrence County area.

Deb Owen
Specialist, Marketing Communications
Mobile: (812) 797-2987

Deb Owen serves as Marketing Communications Specialist for Radius Indiana. She is responsible for the marketing, branding, and communication strategies for the Radius region.  She oversees all marketing efforts, including brand development, online marketing, advertising, press relations, and alignment of communications with regional partners. . Prior to joining Radius, Deb worked in marketing communications for international multi-million dollar consumer electronics & telecommunications corporations based in Orlando, FL.  She served as a former director of a publishing firm in Boston, MA responsible for production of a travel publication 7 times annually.   Most recently, she ran her own creative services firm provided writing and photography services to businesses ranging from solo-preneurs to larger corporations within in Indiana.

Vicki Hollanders
Vicki Hollanders
Business Advisor, Indiana Small Business Development Center and Radius Indiana
Office: (317) 695-7261

In Vicki’s role as Business Advisor for the Indiana Small Business Development Center, she meets with businesses throughout the 8 south central Indiana counties served by Radius Indiana. The confidential, private consulting she provides helps new and established businesses with business plan development, financial analysis, strategic planning, and locating funding sources. Her career background includes government contracting, marketing, and developing Indiana state incentive programs for economic development.